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Morgan & Patrick




Morgan and Patrick

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

La Quinta, California

How we met

The one that ALMOST got away...

Some have joked that Morgan and Patrick’s relationship was arranged, and most will agree it was a long time coming after Harry (father of the bride) and Vicki (mother of the groom) worked together right out of college. While there were plenty of work parties, social events, and the occasional dinner party (interrupted by the fire department) attended by the parents of the bride and groom, Morgan and Patrick didn’t officially meet until college. Before he left for Notre Dame, Vicki told Patrick “Make sure to keep an eye out for Morgan, I think you’d like her.” Being the overconfident and boastful college freshman, Patrick shrugged off that sage advice. However, Morgan and Patrick were fortunate enough to both befriend Ally Schneider (maid of honor) the first week of school. With the assistance of Ally, Morgan and Patrick finally met, and their fates were inevitably sealed.

After four years at school together attending house parties, crashing tailgates, and a brief stint of being in the same class (when Morgan wasn’t skipping class to get her nails done), the timing never seemed to pan out. Morgan made her way to New York and Patrick moved back to Chicago. It wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that the connection Morgan and Patrick had made in college was realized. When coincidentally, both Morgan and Patrick confided to a mutual friend that each was the other’s “One who got away”. After a few months of conversing and aided by some liquid courage, Patrick finally bought a flight to visit Morgan in New York. On the way to the airport for that first fateful visit, Vicki asked Patrick “Who are you going to visit in New York?” Patrick responded with “Friends”. It wasn’t until Vicki replied “You don’t have any friends in New York” that Patrick finally admitted that his mom had been right all along and that he did like Morgan. The rest is history.
JoAnn Jinks